Laminair Systems is a full service manufacturer of blow-off and feather duster systems for Industrial Applications and Automotive paint shops worldwide.

The owner of Laminair systems, Dennis Schmalzel, has been in the feather duster and blow-off industry since its inception. He was involved in the development of the first Automatic Tack-off system installed in 1984. He has been responsible for many of the improvements in the process and equipment related to automated Tack-off systems, which have become today’s industry standards. He has designed and installed hundreds of systems throughout the industry over the last 30 years.

We have developed a line of equipment for the Pre-Paint Finishing Industry with many unique features in over 400+ applications around the world and are in the process of applying for several patents. 

  • Feather Duster Machines.

  • Forced Air Blow off Systems.

  • Forced Air supplied Air Knives.

  • Forced Air supplied Air Nozzles.

  • The M1 Self contained Blow-off system

  • Portable IR Curing Equipment

  • Shoe Cleaner System

  • Air Showers

  • Replacement Feathers.

  • Ionization Equipment 

  • Compressed Air Knives.

  • Machine Upgrades.

  • Machine Servicing.

  • Programming Services.

  • Spare Parts mechanical and electrical for all makes and models.

  • Service Contracts.

    We would like the opportunity to schedule a visit to discuss your needs and how Laminair Systems can help. During our visit we can perform an inspection of your application and make suggestions on possible improvements to your process and equipment.