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The Decay Test is the only true method of assessing the effectiveness of your Ionization system. This is achieved with an instrument called a Decay Tester. It is an easy-to-use device that quickly determines the effectiveness of your Ion Bars. We can visit your facility to conduct the test or provide you with the instrument so your maintenance staff can check the current status of your equipment.

The Decay tester is the only accurate method of testing the performance of an ionization system. This instrument operates by charging a 6 x 6 inch plate to 1500V then measures the time required to dissipate the charge. This allows accurate monitoring of the ionization system and provides the performance data to predict when the system needs to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced.

The instrument performs three separate tests:

+ ion dissipation

  • ion dissipation

+ & - ion balance

The test system includes:

  • Decay test instrument

  • Carrying case

  • Small Tripod

  • Humidity tester

  • Removable 6” x 6” charge plate

  • Data recorder cable