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The LS8000 Series of Air Showers

The LS8000 Series of Air Showers are 2 or 3 door, self contained zones used to blow off dirt and lint particles immediately prior to entering a paint booth clean room area. The air shower utilizes air nozzles to provide multi-directional air flows to blowoff personnel entering the zone. The nozzle air supply fans are integrated into the zone structure. The LS8000 Series comes integrated with a user touch screen control panel for easy personnel operation.

The Laminair Systems LS8000 Air Shower main structure is constructed from powder coated steel with up to three doors for multiple direction entrance and exit. This system is activated by the opening and closing of the door (s). When the system is activated, the air shower will run for a predetermined length of time. After the air shower cycle is complete, the fan will shut down and indicator light will signal the user to enter the clean room area and the interlocks will release.

This system is designed to be integrated with our LS9000 Shoe Cleaners

Service Requirement: Electrical 40Amps 120VAC

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