automatic tackoff - LS4850

  • Stacked multi-axis side arm allowing for 180” overall footprint

  • Clean-wall design allows for installation within existing booth

  • Patent pending 4-axis vertical stacked side arms are designed to eliminate overlap contamination

  • Side arm tilt axis allows for complete fender flair and C-Pillar processing

  • Servo motion platform with optional variable frequency drive

Ford KCT Interior 2 (Medium).jpg

Automatic Tackoff - LS4500

  • True Clean Wall design minimized dirt collecting surfaces. 

  • Up To 3 Axis Overhead Hood with Breakaway. 

  • Upper Side Arms manual or automatic adjustment of tilt angle. 

  • Lower Side Arms manual or automatic adjustment of tilt angle. 

  • Ionization system on all hoods. 

  • Teach pendant programming. 

  • PLC controlled with optional MMI. 

  • Overhead arm closed loop electric drives. 

  • Side arms closed loop electric drives. 

  • Overhead with monitored break away. 

  • Integral hard duct system. 

  • Top or bottom feed duct. 

  • Stainless steel skins. 

Automatic Tackoff - LS4000.jpg

Automatic Tackoff - LS4000

  • Cost effective solution for single surface dusting.

  • Pneumatic cylinder or electric actuator motion.

  • Encoder controlled or up to 3 position motion control.

  • Integrated controls on machine no external control panel required.

  • Integral hard duct system.