LS5000 Automated Tackoff/Blow-off Containment Zone

LAMINAIR Systems HyperFlow Airknives and Nozzles have been designed as low cost high efficiency replacement for compressed air blow-off systems. Can be used as a direct replacement to a compressed air system with improved performance and a typical 6-12 month ROI from energy savings alone.


  • Laminair air flow design.

  • High velocity output for water blow-off.

  • High performance coatings to reduce drag, and improve velocity and flow rate.

  • Air hose connection to improved hose retention.

  • Fan generated supply system. Typically 10% the cost of compressed air.

  • Ionizer option for static control.

  • Reduced noise levels.

  • Easy mounting

  • Many sizes to fit your application

  • Custom system design

See our brochure for sizes and further information:


Carrier Blowoff.jpg

Carrier Blowoff

Large Parts Blowoff.jpg

Large Parts Blowoff

Vehicle Blowoff.jpg

Vehicle Blowoff

Bumper Blowoff.jpg

Bumper Blowoff

Sheet Blowoff.jpg

Sheet Blowoff

Extrusion Blowoff.jpg

Extrusion Blowoff