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Laminair Systems Gantry and Floor mounted Infra-Arms

The Laminair Systems Gantry and Floor mounted Infra-Arms system are designed for spot paint curing. This system utilizes T3 short wave IR emitters mounted in housing with a SS secondary reflector to redirect reflected energy back to the surface being cured. The gantry mounted heater utilizes an electrical actuator to position the heating element at the desired elevation and the multi axis head can be positioned to the target area. An integrated laser pointing device will assist in pointing the optical pyrometer to the correct area.


  • Programmable PID Controller

  • Optical Pyrometer with Laser Assist Option

  • SRC Power Control

  • Gantry, Floor Mount, and Post Models

  • Multiple Temperature Control Patterns


  • Locking Wheels to Maintain Position

  • Automatic Control

  • Timed Heat Cycle w/ Auto Shut Off

  • Engineered solution support for any application from Laminair Systems