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Laminair Systems LS9000 Shoe Cleaner

The Laminair Systems LS9000 Shoe Cleaner system is a controlled system designed to clean the work shoes of plant personnel before entering a contaminant free zone. Motor powered brushes rotate between the platform grating knocking off dirt and other debris preventing any exterior particulate from entering your paint booth.

The electrical controls will consist of a field mounted 24 x 24 inch control panel with PLC and VFD motor control. A start photo cell mounted on the system will start the brush drive and run for a selectable time. This timer resets whenever the P Cell is Broken. An E. stop button is located on the hand rail. The Control system will also include a 4 inch Hi Resolution OIT for setting parameters and system monitoring.

The structure is constructed from a powder coated steel pan and framework. The system will enclose one brush system that will travel across both shoe soles with an adjustable speed.

The LS9000 Shoe Cleaner is designed to be integrated with our LS8000 Air Showers.

Electrical 120VAC 5 amps

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